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Deluxe Photo Slate

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Deluxe Photo Slate
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PhotoSlate is a dye-sublimation substrate specifically designed to frame and enhance full color photographs in a unique and natural presentation. With an earthly elegance of finely machined slate, each piece is handcrafted and features chiseled beveled edges to allow any image to flow beautifully on it's extremely flat imprint surface.

Showcase your most precious family photos or relive breathtaking panoramic shots. 

Ideal for cherished images of every kind including full color photos, awards, and other valuable keepsakes. Made from natural sedimentary stone, each PhotoSlate comes complete with sublimation-coated surface, stylish, black stands for displaying, and fitted box. 

PhotoSlate is perfect for any desk, den, or mantle display.

Our Deluxe sublimation photo slates come in two square sizes. The Rock Slate comes with two black stands to display on any desk or mantle. 

6" x 6" - $18.00
7.25" x 7.25" - $24.00

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